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We build the technology to allow anyone to create, share, find and attend new things to do that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. Music festivals, venues, marathons, conferences, hackathons, air guitar contests, political rallies, fundraisers, gaming competitions — you name it, we power it. Our mission? To bring the world together through live experiences.

Up to 365 days/year

Help event managers organize great events By providing them an awesome online, do it yourself, event ticketing and registration platform to sell event tickets online without any hassle.

What we do?

Support all kinds of events - Small or Big To sell their tickets online and accept registrations from Event enthusiasts who can discover events happening in their cities.

Our mission is simple

Making online event registrations and ticketing an easy and awesome experience for event organizers and bridging the gap between organizers and enthusiasts.

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We don't limit your creativity, which means you can order whatever you feel like. You can also choose from our events. It's up to you!

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